Mobile Application Development


Our primary focus is product development on the web and mobile. We have highly motivated product development specialists who will conceptualise, refine and develop brand new product application ideas to drive your web and mobile innovation. We love to come up with new ideas, but we’ll also take existing concepts and improve upon them. We have an eye for detail and a knack for finding gaps in the market, which we quickly fill with elegant and innovative solutions.

The future is mobile. Yes, it is. We focus on mobile because it has great potential for brands to develop greater contact with their customers through a handset rather than through the web. Our mobile applications expertise includes development in JAVA, C++, .NET and LAMP for iPhone and Android Mobiles.

MultiPlatform, Mobile app architecture, design and build for Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

Live Reports

Communicating with your workforce in the information age requires speed, flexibility and accuracy, making voice conversations a costly and inefficient method of correspondence.

Eocean’s LiveReps is a mobile based Sales Management System enabling real time information transmission via text messages between sales representatives and the management. With no Capex involved, our cloud based sales management system can be quickly integrated with the existing business network delivering the following benefits to businesses allowing them to stay ahead of competition.

  • Exchange of critical information such as prices, promotions etc with all field reps in minutes
  • Track and Manage nation-wide sales from a single point
  • Live Transmission of data via SMS & GPRS to main server
  • Auto-compilation of error-free back end reports for the management
  • Quick and timely decision making
  • Increase visibility and minimize mistakes
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