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With globalization and consumerism permeating across geographies, financial institutions are retooling themselves to come up with ‘just-in-time’ and ‘personalized’ products. Analytics and business intelligence tools are being leveraged to strengthen customer relationships and enhance loyalty. While banking ‘on-the-go’ or using the mobile channel to build, engage with and retain customers is a natural advantage, banks find that it also helps them to keep up with ever-changing customer demands and ensure business continuity. Financial institutions today are looking for a mobile banking technology partner that can offer a unique service experience through solutions that are secure, easily accessible, convenient and scalable. In short, an embodiment of banking ‘on-the-go’ or ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace’ banking!


Eocean Mobile Banking

Eocean Mobile Banking Solution is a comprehensive mobile banking solution that allows banks and financial institutions to take full advantage of the potential of mobile financial services and provide their customers with secure and reliable access towards tracking their finances anywhere, anytime and get updated about their bank accounts over their mobile phones.

Why Eocean Mobile Banking ?

Eocean is a one window solution provider which enables banks and financial institutions to offer the facility of SMS messaging (more commonly known as text messaging) to conduct financial transactions via a customer’s mobile device. Eocean’s state of the art SMS Gateway connected with all mobile operators, works seamlessly with its partner applications to process millions of SMS each day ensuring the accurate and timely delivery of banking transactions alerts to the customers.


Features and Benefits

The benefits of Eocean’s mobile banking solution are demonstrable and immediate. Be it push or pull services, our interfaces are so flexible and user- friendly that it requires little integration or effort from the Bank. Our banking alert-service combined with our cutting edge messaging gateway is able to notify customers immediately of account transactions via an SMS message to their mobile phones, enabling clients to keep up-to-the-minute with all activity taking place in their accounts, and to monitor and detect any fraudulent activity.

Features & Benefits of Eocean Mobile Banking include:

  • Accurate & timely delivery of banking information
    with live reporting panel.
  • Elimination of mobile number portability issues which is still a serious concern for banks as non-
    delivery and delays in critical SMS transactions causes financial burden & reputational damage.
  • Secure and integrated messaging platform translates into reduced costs and errors associated with paper-based systems.
  • Cost effective as it lowers the financial risk involved in rolling out new banking initiatives.
  • Immediate and effective, and with two way messaging enabled, campaigns can be monitored
    in real-time and allowing the opportunity to change strategy if need be.
  • Reduces the potential for fraud immediately as fraud and account transaction notifications are sent
    in real-time empowering customers to take action immediately.
  • Initiate SMS marketing campaigns and enhance the value and reach of your brand by sending
    Branded SMS by acquiring your own dedicated short code within no time.
  • Eliminate communication downtime with 24/7 support and backup connectivity arrangements.

Mobile Banking

Our Service Offerings

At Eocean, we have in house team of mobile application developers that can create a customized mobile application for your customers on supported platform such as Apple IOs, Blackberry, Android, Java, Symbian etc. therefore instead of visiting your website, your customers can simply click on your bank icon displayed in customer’s mobile phone to directly connect to your bank, hence making it simple and easy to use ensuring long term customer loyalty and retention.
With Eocean Mobile Banking Services you can offer the following services to your customers.

  • Account Top-up
  • Account Balance Inquiry
  • Last Five Transactions
  • Minimum Amount Payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • ATM and branch location Services
  • Transaction Alert Services
  • New Services Alert

We will never ask you to invest in our services until you have seen them running live.
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