Number Lookup

Number Lookup

Retrieve accurate real-time data on mobile phone numbers

Our Number Lookup APIs conduct HLR Lookups and Mobile Number Portability (MNP) queries to get instant intelligence on any mobile phone number in real time. Using our API, you can identify invalid, inactive, unreachable, or ported mobile phone numbers to discover the number’s original and new operator network to significantly minimize the number of undelivered messages and reduce costs for your messaging invoices. Our phone number API helps you keep your database clean and validated with accurate, real-time information.

Why choose our Number Lookup API?

Lookups at Scale

Whatever is the size of your database, we process it with speed and accuracy to help improve delivery success rates and ported number routing efficiency.

Trusted Platform

With over 10 years of experience and connectivity with network operators, we are the most trusted provider of Number Lookup API solutions.

Global Coverage

Get real time porting information of mobile phone numbers by accessing MNP databases of network operators  around the world.

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Enterprise Grade Data Centers


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Number LookUp API FAQs

A Number LookUp API is software that enables you to validate and format phone numbers, revealing the inactive or invalid ones. You can remove these from your database to reduce costs.

Yes, our Phone Number LookUp API has global coverage, so it covers international phone numbers.

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