Branded SMS


Have you been sending SMS from a regular SIM? Are you worried that your messages come across as cheap and non-professional and hurting your product brand and your company.Face it, people are not impressed when they see a message from a 565xxxxxx. What if you send these messages with your BRAND name instead. Branded SMS provides you the facility to reach your customers, vendors and employees directly with an authenticated, verified sender ID 24/7 to all networks. With our state-of-the-art web interface, very much similiar to an e-mail interface, users can login from any part of the globe to manage their SMS services. Our SMS services are ideal for FMCG companies, Banks, Food chain outlets, Cineplex, Pharmaceuticals and Departmental stores.


Product Features


Message Broadcast
Send single or group SMS via SMPP
Send bulk SMS broadcasts (up to 800-1000 in a min) and view report real time
Easy to use user interface
Reduce learning curve by using its familiarEmail client type look and feel
Easy Functionality
Create, edit, send, forward, export and delete SMS messages
Management Information Report
Complete MIS with downloadable report inMS-Excel format
Multi-Language Support – Urdu
Send Unicode messages in Urdu and other languages (maximum 70 characters)
Scheduled SMS
Send SMS on scheduled date and time
SMS text limit
Send messages to over 160 characters, however, our system supports long sms I,e, upto 300 characters.
Address Book
Convenient online address book to storemobile numbers
Password Protected Web Access
Password protected Web access for anywhere convenience
Multiple Date Source Support
Upload mobile numbers via MS Excel, CSVor XML file formats.
Branding  “Eocean”
Use “Sender Branding” to display sender of message as any alphanumeric brand or number of choice (up to 11 Characters)
Mobile Number Portability
There is no issue if any customer changes hisnetwork, he will receive a sms.
SMPP connectivity
We use SMPP connectivity which is very lightweight, efficient and high performance protocol for sending SMS messages
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