Campaign Manager

Broadcast template messages to your customers

Deliver rich WhatsApp notifications to your customers with our easy to use campaign manager within a few clicks. With pre-approved WhatsApp templates, you can initiate a conversation with your customers or re-enagage your customers outside the 24 hour session window.

Hybrid Support

Automate support with chatbot with seamless transfer to human agent

Let chabot handle your 24×7 customer support and respond to repetitive queries while empowering your customers to speak to a human agent whenever necessary to solve a more complex query. Let your support agents manage all conversations from one single dashboard.

Customizations and Analytics

Increase agent productivity and track conversation KPIs

Create auto-responses, set business hours and assign tags and notes to your conversations for a better analysis and quicker support. Access real time analytics to track KPIs such as open conversations, closed conversations, expired conversations, agent availability, agent performance, top conversations and more.

Engage with more customers to build conversational relationships

Customer Profiles

Assign customer attributes during live conversations with your customers and access them on the go to offer contextual promotions and offers.

Third Party Integrations

Connect directly with your CRM or third party data to provide your agents with context they require for effective customer conversations.

Team Collaboration

Setup teams and enable them to collaborate, tag and assign conversations to specialists for efficient customer support.

Powerful Conversation features out of the box

Conversation Management

View and manage your conversations in one place segmented in different inbox views such as All Conversations, New, Assigned, Spam and Closed.

Quick Replies

Configure quick replies for repetitive and common queries to reduce response times for both agents and customers.

Agent Routing

Route incoming conversations to the right team or an agent based on the context of the conversation and customer attributes.

Rich Media Conversations

Resolve customer queries faster and more interactively with pictures, videos, audio messages, or documents.

Conversation Tags

Assign one or multiple tags to your incoming conversations to categorize and organize them for better analysis.

Template Messages

Send WhatsApp approved template messages to initiate conversations with your customers or to re-engage outside the 24-hour session window.

Full Conversation History

View and download the conversation history of your customers including chatbot and agent conversation.

Whisper Notes

Share private messages between teams to seek assistance within an individual conversation allowing the same agent to help the customer from start to finish.

Real Time Analytics

Monitor your team’s performance in real-time with a full-screen analytics dashboard by applying filters to choose different views of data.

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