Missed Call Service is a powerful engagement tool that works on Push & Pull based system to make communication more interactive between a business and its customers. The tool provides smart data collection mechanism at zero cost as the customer is not charged for giving a missed call to your number.

Missed Call Service is the easiest way to capture leads from the market. It can be deployed in innovative ways by combining the capability of SMS and Voice and can be implemented with any application for lead generation, new user activation, customer support and surveys and feedbacks.

Features that work for you


Push & Pull System

It works on an interactive approach with push & pull based system to make communication more interactive.

Online Dashboard

You can access the online dashboard to get the detailed report of response received on Missed Call Number.

API Integration 

Integrate API easily into your business system to get real time update for any campaign and support activity.


Send back powerful replies in your campaigns/support queries by setting up customized SMS or Voice call back for Auto Reply as per your need.

Campaign automation

Create campaigns and define rules that trigger them based on campaign requirement.

Missed Call to IVR

Add Pre-recorded voice as IVR and let caller listen to the IVR till call gets disconnected.

Cloud Platform

Implement Missed Call Service through Cloud communication platform to ensure reliability and scalability.

Real-time Reports

Monitor the efficiency of your campaigns or any other activity in real time.