Our Cloud campaign portal is an easy to use, powerful web SMS platform to send and receive SMS from any web browser. With a straightforward and intuitive interface, our platform is packed with extensive features that allow you to quickly perform tasks such as priority SMS sending large volume SMS broadcast, managing recipient lists, viewing campaign reports and detailed message logs. However big or small your business, our cloud portal allows you to build your SMS campaigns and be up and running within minutes.

Features that work for you


Bulk SMS/Broadcast

Bulk SMS is a great way to reach your customers in a short amount of time. You can upload contacts from excel file, create groups, and send from one to millions of messages within a few clicks.

Sender ID

Your SMS is delivered to your customers from your brand name instead of a number and lets them identify you as soon as they receive your message.

Short Code

Short codes are 4-5 digit SMS text numbers that can be used to send and receive messages from the same number.

Personalized SMS

You can send personalized SMS messages to make your campaigns more engaging to your audience by using personalized fields in your text messages.

Campaign Scheduler

You can schedule your time-sensitive marketing campaigns in advance to ensure that messages are sent at a specific date and time.

Message Templates

You can also send pre-defined messages using our easy to build SMS templates to help you save time, maintain consistency and limit mistakes.

International SMS

Reach your customers around the world with our global coverage.

Real time delivery reports

We provide free delivery reports to help you see the status of your campaign messages. Once your messages have been sent, you can see how many messages have been delivered and how many have failed.