Our API solutions let you connect your business applications directly into the Eocean’s SMS Gateway. Our range of robust, scalable and secure SMS API’s provide a high service up-time and rapid performance and enables businesses to serve their customers and employees more effectively by offering transactional messaging capabilities.

Our SMS API’s have been developed in-house and operate on a fully redundant, highly secure telco grade data center. Connecting via an API lets you send SMS messages as you would within our Eocean platform, but from your own business application. Following the successful delivery of your message a receipt will be sent to you. From start to finish this process happens in matter of seconds, saving you considerable time and resources in the process.


Features that work for you


Enterprise Grade Reliability

Our unique aggregator failover and direct connections to Telco’s ensure that your messages get sent. Our system is backed by multiple network connections, dual data centers, active servers, and mirrored storage.

Easy Integration

We support easy-to-integrate APIs such as HTTP and SMPP so your application/system can automatically trigger a text message and report on message sent activity.

2-Way SMS

Using 4-5-digit short codes configured on each Telco's SMSC, we provide 2-way SMS via our API. This is crucial if your application requires interactivity with the mobile user.

Long SMS Concatenation

Messages longer than 160 (GSM ASCII) characters are automatically concatenated (upto 765 characters) seamlessly on the user's end and delivered as a Single SMS.

Real time Delivery Reports

Delivery receipts for each individual SMS are tracked and posted back to your application, providing an audit trail that shows your application the exact time each message you send is delivered to the handset.

Powerful End-User Tools

Save your company time. Access our powerful user interface in addition to our robust API.

Assured Throughput Rates

Made possible by the very high capacity of our Cloud, we are able to assure you a minimum message submission throughput of 40 SMS per second.

24x7 Live Support

Every API customer gets free access to live support, via phone and email with an average response time of 10 minutes rather than hours or days.