Pakistan Cables, the country’s premier cable manufacturer, was established in 1953 as a joint venture with BICC. It is the only cable manufacturer in Pakistan that is currently listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. Pakistan Cables has earned a reputation of a true pioneer in the industry and a company that does not compromise on quality. Being the only cable manufacturer in Pakistan to have its cables type tested by the world renown KEMA Laboratory in Netherlands, Pakistan Cables remains the leader in the wire and cable industry and arguably has the widest range of wire, cable and conductors in Pakistan.


Counterfeit cables are extremely dangerous for both property and human lives. Counterfeiters always put profit above performance with no regard to meeting the European standards of cable manufacture raising the risk of cable catching fire and causing severe damage

Pakistan Cables sought to resolve the dual challenge of preventing risk to human lives and property while protecting its own brand from counterfeiters.


Through Eocean, Pakistan Cables received a ready-to-deploy SMS based product verification solution. The SMS API solution helped them provide point of sale verification status of purchased cables to their clients. Pakistan Cables  generates unique codes for each cable pack. These codes are affixed on the cable pack. The buyer sends the unique code to the short code. Our authentication server verifies the product code and sends back the product authentication status to buyer’s mobile. In addition to this,  loyalty points are calculated against each genuine purchase from clients which can be redeemed by the client upon request. Our solution records all verification transactions and accumulated points in the online Portal allowing Pakistan Cables to monitor genuine purchases and flag fake activity patterns in real time.


By implementing Eocean’s SMS solution, Pakistan Cables managed to reduce the supply of counterfeit products and increase its sales in the market. The solution has not only strengthened their relationship and trust with existing customers but helped them to find new customers while retaining E Ocean as their preferred communication partner as they continue to expand their services to new communication channels.

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