Our Number lookup solution provides a direct network level check against any mobile phone number. This service allows you to identify the mobile network operator of any mobile phone number.

Our service uses mobile number portability queries to get instant intelligence on any mobile phone number to improve delivery rates and reduce messaging cost for transactional alerts. Alternatively you can engage our database cleaning service for a low one time fee per subscriber to clean up your contacts database and validate numbers ported onto other mobile networks.

You can run number lookup services quickly and easily in a seamless manner. Simply upload your customer’s mobile numbers to our MNP management Portal or let your customers text their mobile numbers to a Short code to validate their current mobile network.

Features that work for you


High performance Lookups

Our Number Lookup service delivers real-time porting information about any mobile phone number. With 99.99% query availability and accurate intelligence on users, it’s a solution that works.



Conduct lookups using our web portal or by texting to a Short code to validate mobile number quickly and easily.

Comprehensive Data Sourcing

Obtain huge amounts of data, drawn from the mobile network’s portability databases to gain high-accuracy information to improve delivery rates and reduce cost on text messaging.