Syngenta Pakistan Limited is a is a subsidiary of Syngenta Participations AG, Basel, Switzerland. The principal activities of the company comprise of import and sale of agricultural products. Syngenta Pakistan offers complete solutions for all major crops including (but not restricted to) Cotton, Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane, Corn, Vegetables and Fruits.The company operates through a big network of Franchisees (customers) to provide crop protection products and seeds to farmers across the country. Syngenta revolves around addressing the challenges faced by growers in order to contribute towards sustainable agriculture growth and subsequently providing greater food security.


Syngenta Pakistan was looking for a solution to digitize its B2B product ordering system for its distributors across Pakistan to provide them with a quick and easy way to place their orders and receive order confirmation in real time. Syngenta’s primary aim was to reduce delays faced by its distributors due to an existent call center based ordering system  which involved manual order entry, order confirmation and dispatch notifications.


After assessing Syngenta’s needs, E ocean helped them choose the best strategy for order placement by providing an SMS based ordering system with real time reporting dashboard. With 2-way SMS integration into its business applications over SMS API, Syngenta was able to provide an on-demand 24×7 platform to its distributors for placing orders, receive order confirmation and dispatch notifications and billing information. Using web based interface Syngenta was able to configure auto-responses on keywords allowing distributers to use a predefined format using short code keywords to perform order related communication with Syngenta.


Since implementing the Eocean solution for SMS ordering system, Syngenta saved substantially on call center related costs due to elimination of manual order placement and order related inquiries from distributors as they can now access their account information using SMS short code. Syngenta also witnessed an increase  in sales volumes as distributor orders can now be communicated round the clock and are processed and delivered faster from its regional warehouses across the country.

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