Verification API

Protect your business and your customers with our verification APIs for one-time passwords

Verify your customers’ identities to minimize the risk of fraudulent activities with our easy to integrate and scalable REST APIs into your business applications to deliver one time passwords (OTPs) via SMS or Voice calls. With our OTP Verification API solution, businesses can seamlessly authenticate their customers to secure online transactions such as account activation, account login, bill payment, funds transfer and more.

Why choose our Verification APIs?

Verify at Scale

Perform verifications for millions of users at a time with our high performance verification APIs and  our network will ensure delivery in under 10 seconds.

Guaranteed Delivery

Deliver OTPs via our reliable high quality SMS routes and voice. By choosing or combining both channels delivery is guaranteed at all time.

Easy Integration

Our SMS Verification API is designed to quickly and easily integrate with your product, application, or websites.

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Verification API FAQs

Our phone verification API enables you to send OTP verification codes during registration and login. This step reduces the chances of a user registering or logging in with a fake email or phone number.

Yes, we do. Our team is available round-the-clock to resolve OTP verification concerns. Moreover, we have fortified our infrastructure with advanced security systems to ensure seamless operations.

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