Our Voice broadcast portal is an easy to use, powerful web Voice platform to send pre-recorded voice messages instantly and simultaneously to thousands of mobile numbers.

With a straightforward and intuitive interface, our platform is packed with extensive features that allow you to perform tasks such as call scheduling, contact list upload, audio file upload, campaign reports review, and detailed message logs review.

However big or small your business, our cloud portal allows you to build your Voice campaigns and be up and running within minutes.


How does it work?

Features that work for you


Multi-tenant and Multi-Campaign

Separate web portal for admin and users. Each user can manage, monitor and run campaigns separately and independently.

Audio File Upload

You can upload your pre-recorded audio file and deliver it as a call straight to your customer’s phone.

Interaction with IVR

Use outbound IVR to add interactive functionality to your voice notifications to collect information or tailor specific messages based on responses.

Contacts Management

You can filter duplicate and invalid contacts and import contacts from external files in CSV format.

Campaign Scheduler

You can schedule your voice broadcasts in advance to ensure that voice notifications are sent at a specific date and time to increase successful delivery rates.

High Availability

Multi-site cloud with 99.97% uptime.


Send up-to 100 concurrent calls in one blast to thousands of contacts per day.

Real time delivery reports

Access real-time delivery reports on your voice broadcast campaigns online at your own convenience.