Voice based OTP is a two-factor authentication tool that enables businesses to send One Time Password (OTPs) to their customers via Voice Phone calls. Our OTP service ensures guaranteed delivery of one time password on customer’s mobile to confirm user identity and authorize transactions such as new account activation, account login, bill payment, funds transfer, verification of user registration etc. where trustworthy authentication support is important.

Banks and financial institutions can deploy this service as a backup authentication method in case SMS is not delivered providing an added layer of reliability and consistency.

Features that work for you


Instant Delivery

Direct connectivity with telcos provide average OTP delivery time of 2-6 seconds.

Automatic Failover

Incase of a failing route, our SmartRouting Engine detects it and automatically fails-over to ensure your OTP is delivered on time.

Easy Integration

Integrate API easily into your business system to automatically deliver OTP traffic.


SIP trunks provide unlimited concurrent call capacity and can scale up and down in the cloud based on your needs.

Real time Delivery Reports

We provide free delivery reports to help you see the status of your OTP traffic. Once your calls have been delivered you can view details such as total calls, mobile numbers and call end time etc.