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Alerts and Notifications

Enable A2P communication with customers

Deliver high value alerts and notifications from your own system such as account updates, one time passwords, payment updates, shipping confirmations and more. With a WhatsApp Business API, you can send rich messages using templates, images, videos, files, QR codes and location maps.

WhatsApp Chatbots

Automate conversations for 24/7 support

Automate conversation with your customers  for handling routine customer queries. Deliver a consistent experience every time with self-service chatbots to increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer support costs.

Contextual Agent Support

Resolve issues one on one through private conversations

Enable WhatsApp chatbot to live agent handover in case of complex queries or implement one on one human  interaction  between your customers and support  teams  to answer product or customer service questions

Powerful features of WhatsApp Business Solution

Verified Business Profile

Create trust in your brand by building a verified business profile to share with the world.

Secure Communication

Ensure end-to-end encryption for  communication between your business and your customers with confidence.

Bring Your Own Number

Connect your own mobile or landline number to your WhatsApp Business account.

Rich Messaging Capabilities

Send and receive messages using images, audio, video, files, locations, call to actions buttons.

Global Coverage

Reach your customer across the world in over 180 countries on their preferred messaging channel.

Reporting and Dashboards

View messaging volumes, delivery rates, monthly active users and more with access to real-time reports and dashboard.

Chat with us directly on WhatsApp

Scan the QR code to chat with us or alternatively add +923458224777 to your contacts list and send a message saying ˝Hi˝ over WhatsApp.

It's complicated but we're here to make it simple

Request Access

WhatsApp requires every business to go through an approval process before setting up of their WhatsApp Business Account. We will guide you with the  onboarding process and submit your information to WhatsApp for approval.

Integration and Setup

Upon successful approval, we will setup your WhatsApp Business account. You can then integrate our API into your backend system to deliver notifications and enable one on one conversations directly with customers.


Once internal testing is successfully completed, you can go live and start exploring more innovative use cases to improve and increase your customer engagement and adoption to take your business to a new level.

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WhatsApp Business API FAQs

WhatsApp has 2 billion active users, making it the most used mobile messenger app in the world. E Ocean will help you take advantage of this wide reach.

Businesses from almost all industries use WhatsApp chatbots as part of their customer service, including brands from food and beverage, banking, booking, and more.

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